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The Tundra is mainly located along the margins of Greenland and also spreads around the Arctic circle. The name Tundra comes from the Finnish word "tunturi", meaning treeless plain. Tundra's climate is found in Alaska and Northern Russia. Also some known locations; Siberia, and Scandinavia. Tundra is a very cold climate which means that it's location usually varies in the northern areas. Tundra covers one-fifth of the worlds surface. The latitudinal range is 60 degrees north to 75 degrees north. There are also two types of Tundra, the arctic and the alpine Tundra's. The arctic Tundra is usually found in the Northern part of the world around the North Pole and extends south towards the coniferous forests of the Taiga. The tops of cold, tall mountains are called alpine Tundra's.

As you can see the blueish-purple is the location of the Tundra

The Biome of Tundra has only two definite seasons because of its coldness; Summer and Winter. Polar climates like the Tundra are characterized by very cold temperatures and generally very dry conditions. The average precipitation in the summer never gets higher than 20 centimeters or so. In the cold and dry winter, the average rainfall is lower than 4.3 centimeters! This rainfall consists of melted snow and soft rain. In fact the average rainfall in these regions are less than some of the world' s greatest deserts. The temperature in the summer of the Tundra region never rise above 10 degrees Celcius. In the winter, temperatures never rise above -10 degrees Celcius. That's FREEZING! In the Arctic Tundra the temperatures range from 25.5 degrees Celcius and 34 degrees Celcius. In the Alpine Tundra the temperatures range from below freezing to 15 degrees Celcius. The Arctic Tundra gets 15-25cm of precipitation each year.

Tundra Winter
Tundra Summer

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