Welcome to Emily H. and Hayley M.'s Tropical Rainforest Home Page! Location Tropical Rainforests are located in the tropics. Between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn are the tropical areas where most rainforests are found. Tropical Rainforests are located in many different countries such as most of Brazil, and other areas near it like the Dominican Republic, Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela. Not far northwest is the Gulf Shore of Mexico, where lines of tropical rainforests are located. Central Africa also includes tropical rainforests in the countries of Congo and Angola, which are located on the border of Western Africa and the Atlantic Ocean. In the Far East on the Indonesian islands, there are many different tropical rainforests. Between Africa and Indonesia is India, which has tropical rainforests that are dispersed.

The green areas on this map represents the Tropical Rainforests in that region.

In the Tropical Rainforest biome, there are two seasons, which are wet and dry.
During the wet season, there is much more rain than in the dry season. The average
precipitation during the wet season varies from 110-160 cm of rainfall. In the dry season,
precipitation differs from 60-110 cm. Although the rainfall amounts are different in each
season, the temperature remains the same. The temperature year round is rarely higher
than 34 degrees Celsius or lower than 20 degrees Celsius. Some Tropical Rainforests are
located on the coast of continents, or in the center of the land. These locations vary in the
fact that on the coast it is slightly wetter than inland.

Wet Season
Dry Season

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