Rivers around the world

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Rivers are located through out the world, from dry deserts to wet rain forest.
In Rain forests the climate of the river can change completely, where as. Rivers are located in mild areas too! In a tropical Rain forest it is much more wet.


The Nile River is located on the 35th degree north line of latitude to the Mediterranean Sea in Africa. Since the Nile is located in Africa it is hot and only has one season, summer. Since the Nile is spread out through Africa the precipitation levels vary, in the Ethiopian Highlands were it begins gets about a 100 cm of rain per year, where as in Egypt it only gets 2cm per year! The temperature in the Nile region is around 23-24 degrees Celsius.

Nile River

Grand River, Lansing (summer)

The Grand River is the longest river in Michigan. It is 260 miles long. The average precipitation in Grand Rapids along the Grand River is about 95cm. The Grand River is located in Michigan starting near Jackson and ending in Grand Haven. The average winter temperature is -2 degrees Celsius. The average spring temperature is 14 degrees Celsius. The average summer temperature is 21 degrees Celsius. And the average fall temperature is 13 degrees Celsius.

Grand River-spring-Grand Rapids

Grand River, Winter

Grand River, Fall

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