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By:Sean G. and Winston B.

The Grasslands are located on every continent in the world except for Antarctica. Most of them are located in Asia, Africa, and South America. There is also quite a lot in North America and Australia. North Americas grassland is more moist and gets very cold in the winter season, as do the Asian Grasslands. The South American grasslands are more wet and don’t have a winter season. And the African and Australian grasslands are drier hotter and don’t have a winter season.


Grasslands Get Beetween 10-30 inches of rain. The African area is a littel more drie and the so is the Australian area. The South American area gets more rain than the other one too.The good amount of rain makes it so the soil is fertile.Tempurtures range from -2 degrees Celcius To 26 degrees Celcius. There are only two real seasons growing season and dormant season. The growing season is when there is no frost and plants can grow it lasts 100 to 175 days. The dormant season is when its to cold for plants to grow.
There are 2 different types of grassland savanah and temperate grassland. The differance beetween the 2 are that the savanah only has one season summer and temperate grasslands have two summer and winter.winter.jpgsunner.jpg
Right: Grassland in winter
Left: Winter in Grassland
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