Humans are a big part of the grassland they build them up and break them back down. The main thing that really affects the grassland is the land being over taken by farmers and animals being hunted to a critically endangered state. The farmers take over the land that was used for the animals and cuts down the plants and usually burns them. Then they plant their plants harvest there crops and leave the bad soil for secondary succession and leave to another spot. The second main one is animal loss from hunting. Hunter usually hunt the animals for skins but sometimes hunt them for ivory such as the African Elephant which was almost driven to extinction by poachers. Humans do have positive effect but they only help what hey already hurt. Like all the species that they made endangered most of them are being kept in captivity and the population are slowly becoming bigger, but for some animals the humans where to late. With the farming farmers are now trying to use one area and plant 2 different types of plants in them. Like one row corn and one-row soybeans. They would switch what they planted in each row each year and that makes it so the soil stays nice and fertile so they don’t have to slash and burn more areas.

Most of the problems are up in the other paragraph, but like sean said hunting is our major problen. They made an effort to stop animals from being hunted but poachers and other people who hunt for buffalo, still go out and not get caught. Even though it is illegal poachers can still go and kill what ever they want when ever and not be caught. Something else that has not been addressed is Global warming. Global warming has caused the temperture to drop during the night wich causes the grasses to grow later and so the animals that are herbivores start to die with no food and when they die, the carnivores run low on they're food supply.
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