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Location of Estuaries:
Estuaries are located where salt and fresh water meet. Most estuaries are located on the coast by oceans, seas and everywhere in the world. Estuaries have been known as many different names such as lagoons or harbors. Some Estuaries in the United States include the San Fransisco Bay, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Galveston Bay estuaries.Even though estuaries are common in some countries they are beginning to come more and more scarce do to pollution. You may know of estuaries as one of the most productive biomes in the world, or if you may know of estuaries as your little backyard pond, lake, or lagoon you know that they play part as one of the most important ecosystems in the world.

This map shows where estuaries are located in the United States

Climate of Estuaries:

The climates of estuaries are all different because of their location. For example if you have an estuary in Africa it might be warmer than the San Fransisco Bay in California (United States). Seasons may also differ from estuary to estuary. New Zealand's estuaries have just a wet and a dr​y time of the year while the Chesapeake Bay experiences all four seasons Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. The average temperature and rainfall for all ​estuaries also changes based on where you are. The San Fransisco Bay's average temperature is 24°C and the average rainfall is only 52 centimeters of rain per year.

Average precipitation of the San Fransisco Bay Estuary

Average Temperatures of the San Faransisco Bay Estuary

Summer in an Estaury

Spring in an Estuary

Autumn in an Estuary

An Estuary in the winter


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