The Story of Raush Kansash
By: Tommy C.

Once there was a crockadile whose name was Raush Kansash. He was swimming along the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay. The water was so clear you could see 30 meters down to the muddy bottom. As he was hunting the ground and encountered a school of fish and made a lunge with no warning but the school of fish was ready to doge the attack by Raush. He then went off in to the distance to regroup and made another attack at the fish. He then went a stealthy route. This time he out smarted the fish and then got 1/3 of the fish in the attack, but little did he know that the were infected with a deadly parasite called a tapeworm! He knew within in an hour he was going to go eat a washed up dead trout. He ate some of the fish and then knew that he had a tapeworm. He had learned from his mom that whenever he is sick it is best to just wait it out. He suffered pain and agony for the next 5 days. He thought he was going to day then on the 6th day he finally got rid of the horrible parasite. Some flies came and were eating the allege of him. A few hours later he was so weak he collapsed and then died! A couple of days later he stared to decompose and flies started to eat his remains.


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