Estuary Conservation

Humans have had a massive effect on Estuaries in all areas. One positive effect is that humans have had on estuaries is that they clear out the channels of estuaries so new water and fish can come in more fluently in and out of the estuary. This helps estuaries because it allows new animals to come and it also allows the ecosystem to grow more fluently. One non-positive effect that humans have had on estuaries is that they have continued to throw their waste into estuaries. This is bad because this stops the ecosystem from growing and it stops animals and water from flowing into the estuary.

One problem that humans need to address in estuaries is toxic chemicals being in an estuary. It needs to be addressed because it kills wildlife and it harms the estuary’s eco- growth. Another thing that humans need to be aware of is that there has been over fishing done in estuaries. This is bad because it kills off all of the estuary animals and doesn’t allow animals to settle in an estuary for long. This stops estuaries growth adn needs to be helped.

Some solutions for putting toxic chemicals in an estuary are to clean up the mess that they have done and to try to prevent sewage from being dumped into an estuary. One way to stop over fishing in estuaries is to try to eat other things besides fish and to cry to cut off on fishing for some parts of the year. Humans have to learn to try this because otherwise estauries will be gone forever. If this is able to happen etsuaries will be able to grow more fluently. They will also be able to get new wildlife for the people to enjoy.