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This is a cold desert in the winter


The desert has a very dry climate. There is only two seasons all year round in all the deserts. The winter season is usually cool and short and the summer season is usually long and warm. The average precipitation in the desert is 50 cm per year. In the hot and dry desert and the semiarid desert the temperature is around 20-27 degrees Celsius. In the coastal desert and the cold desert the temperature is usually about 13-26 degrees Celsius.
This is a desert in the summer


The location of deserts is 15 to 28 degrees north and south of the equator. All the deserts combined around the world cover 1/5 of the world's surface. The hot deserts around the world are in Australia, Africa, and Mexico. All the coastal deserts around the world are in Peru and Chile. The cold deserts are in China, Iran, and Antarctica.

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Yellow represents deserts in the world.
Yellow represents deserts in the world.
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