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Jordyn F., Nick M., Andrea S.

Desert 600

“Hello and welcome to the Desert 600, it seems like Bobcat Bill is getting ready by sharpening his claws on a rock,” said Ladybug Lilly.

“Yes and Bobcat Bob is licking his paws to get ready, and Bobcat Jeff is stretching,” said Black Widow Carly.

“We would like to thank Raven Rachel for coming here today to give us a birds eye view,” said Ladybug Lilly.

“Oh look the race is about to start, 5…4…3…2…1… and there off!” said Black Widow Carly. Andreas_Bobcat_.jpg

“Its 20 minutes into the race and Bobcat Bill seems to be struggling,” said Black Widow Carly.

“Maybe it is the Giardia cyst that infected him, he told me that might be a problem before the race,” said Ladybug Lilly.

“Now Bobcat Jeff is in the lead with bobcat bob just a little behind him,” exclaimed Ladybug Lilly.

“Raven Rachel just informed us that Bobcat Bill has dropped out of the race and the two remaining bobcats have just stopped to eat some Kangaroo Rats,” said Black Widow Carly.

“Now Raven Rachel is taking a brake by sitting in a tree,” said Ladybug Lilly.

“Now Raven Rachel is back up and just told us the strangest news,” said Black Widow Carly.

“She said that Bobcat Bob and Bobcat Jeff just saw a Desert Tree Frog selling energy drinks on the side of the road!” said Ladybug Lilly.

They are drinking them now and paid the frog with flies,” said Black Widow Carly.

That seemed to benefit both of the bobcats and the tree frog, because now the Desert Tree Frog and the bobcats have more energy,” said Ladybug Lilly.

“ they are both back on their way now and are neck and neck,” said Black Widow Carly.


Oh my gosh, they are only ten feet away from the finish line!” said Ladybug Lilly.

“ITS BOB… NO ITS JEFF… ITS BOB… WAIT!! ITS JEFF,” said Ladybug Lilly.

“Oh my, would you look at that, it’s a tie!” said Black Widow Carly.

“Well that was amazing, and that is the end of the Desert 600, a tie between Bobcat Jeff and Bobcat Bob, good night and thank you for coming,” said Ladybug Lilly.


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