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This is an example of off road racing.

Desert Conservation

One negative impact on the desert by humans is off road racing. Off road racing hurts the desert in many ways. One way that it hurts the desert is that when the people are driving, their tires leave marks and scar the land. Another way is that it kills the vegetation in its path, and animals get squished and killed. One positive way that people have helped the desert is the DTNA (Desert Tortoise Nature Area) is trying to preserve tortoise life in the desert by making fenced walls along the pre-existing fence line.

This is a Desert Tortis.

One problem that needs to be addressed by humans in the desert is… In the desert fast winds raise large amounts of dust from dry loose areas of soil and carry the dust kilometers then drop it along paths. This is a problem for the animals in the desert because the dust has a large amount of particulate matter that gets into the animals lungs and sometimes ends up killing it. The next problem that humans need to address is sandstorms. These sandstorms destroy people’s crops and homes.


A solution for the first problem is to put hay over the dry loose areas of soil to keep it from blowing away in the wind. If the soil doesn’t get picked up in the wind, then it will never have a chance of getting in animal’s lungs. A solution for sandstorms in the desert is to build straw barriers and plant trees around their houses. This will prevent most of the sand from getting to the houses. By planting trees and building the straw barriers, it will also keep the crops alive and safe.

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