Mrs. Stars Science class

Mrs. Star the starfish was in the reef with her school of angle fish. She was teaching them about the coral reef. Mrs. Star was a science teacher at the Coral Academy. As the class was swimming they went by a parasite feeding on Red algae. Mrs. Star said that it was called Parasitism. Next we swam by Sphingomonas cloacae cleaning the contaminated water. “Oh that’s commensalism, because one organism benefits!” said Billy. “No Billy its Mutualism because the fish benefit from the clean water and the Sphingomonas cloacae gets benefit from eating it for food.” Corrected Mrs. Star. As they made there way to the outer reef. They looked out in to the ocean, they saw fish riding on a whales back. “This is commensalisms, the fish on the whales back have protection from predators, while the whale doesn’t mind,” Said Mrs. Star. The whale was beginning to come closer now, “hey! Want a ride?” ask the whale, “by the way I’m Gary.” Yeah! All the kids screamed in excitement. They jumped on Gary’s back and they road farther and farther away from the reef. All of a sudden the White Tip Reef Shark darted out from under the reef! The school of angle fish along with Mrs. Star fell off the Gray’s back. They franticly swam back to the reef. One little angle fish, Jeffery was unfortunately slower than the rest and the shark ate him whole. When they finally got back to the reef, all the fishes were exhausted so they went to bed and morned Jeffery's death.


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