Coral Reef Conservation

Coral Reef Conservation

The humans have had a major impact on the coral reefs. A negative affect humans have had on the coral reefs is pollution. The run-off water from deforestation carries many toxins that damage coral reefs. Also the run-off from mines and farms is causing coral damage. The positive impact humans have had on the reef is that they are trying to better understand how their ecosystem works so we can conserve them.

One problem in the coral reef is coral bleaching. One cause of coral bleaching is global warming. Another problem is black band disease. Black band disease grows on brain coral. The cause is from the water temperature being hotter than normal from global warming.

The solution to these two problems is as simple as to quit polluting the air and causing global warming! If we accomplish this we can save the species of the coral reefs that have yet to be discovered. Already people are showing their care by putting together organizations to help save the coral reefs around the world. Also they created webites to inform people of these issues. This problem needs to be resolved to save coral reefs from being gone forever!

Coral Bleaching

Black Band Disease



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