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Coral reefs are located in warm, clean, shallow waters near land. You can find them a between 30 degrees North and 30 degrees South latitudes. One hundred countries have coral reefs off their coasts. There are many coral reefs between the coasts of North Australia and Southeast Asia. They dot the eastern coasts of Africa and also can be found near India. Another place coral reefs can be seen is in the Gulf of Mexico or on the shorelines of Middle American countries. Coral reefs are most common in the Pacific Ocean areas. Very few are found in the Atlantic Ocean.

This picture shows the various locations of coral reefs around the world.


In the coral reefs the average temperature is 16-30 degrees Celsius. The ideal temperature for the coral reefs is 23-25 degrees Celsius.There are three main levels of the coral reefs. The first layer is the Outer reef (Fore reef), the middle layers is Reef crest, the top layer is the Inner reef (reef flat). From the top to the bottom of the coral reef it gets cooler in temperature. All the layers of the coral reefs are about 0-2 meters deep. The inner reef has a lot of loose rubble normally from the waves. The reef crest is hit a lot by the big waves. The outer reef is not highly populated with coral and also gets hit by waves.

These are the layers of the coral reef.

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